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Skin Care

Skin Care

Esthetiques, A European Skin Care Clinique and Day Spa, located in the heart of the downtown Saratoga Springs N.Y.

Dedicating ourselves to providing our clients with the best treatments, technologies and products available.

Our intention is to always stay a step ahead, whether it comes to training, techniques or equipment. We specialize in Advanced, Corrective, Anti-Aging, Rosacea, Acne, Healing and Holistic Treatments.

Our skin care services are carefully designed to include a wide variety of services to treat any possible skin type, condition, sensitivity or problem. It includes Relaxing European Facials, Aromatherapy, Deep Cleansing Acne, Microdermabrasion, Lymphatic Drainage, Pre and Post Operative, a variation of Acid Peels from AHA, Azelaic, Salicylic, Jessner, TCA to Vitamin A, Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C, Modeling and Firming Colour Therapy, Compu-Lift, Hand Treatments, Eye Treatments and more.

Each case is taken individually. Once your skin type is determined our trained professionals will work with you to create personalized and focused spa and home treatments.

Our intention is to educate the clients and build a long lasting relationship, progressing in improvements and visible results in skin condition. It works great whether it's an extended program or one-time visit!  We offer an unconditional support system, always having an esthetician on call.

We work with a number of different skin care lines to suit all your needs!  

They vary from all natural, organic and holistic to sophisticated French, German, Polish, Therapeutic Dead Sea Imports to scientific Anti-Oxidants and hi-tech Cosmeceuticals.

We work with specialized and quality product lines including:

Jane iredale
Skin Care
Skin Care
Jan Marini
Skin Care
Rhonda Allison
Skin Care
Skin Care
Nelly Devuyst
Skin Care
Skin Care
Skin Care
Skin Care
Skin Care
Skin Care
O2 Tech
Skin Care


We also specialize in hair removal including: Facial, Legs, Arms, Back, Bikini and Brazilian Bikini all done in a very professional way and in a very private and comfortable setting.

Esthetiques guarantees you 100% satisfaction with your spa treatments.  We invite you to experience a true clinical facial. You will notice the difference.

Please click on our skin care services below to view services and prices.

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Our Skin Care Services

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*All prices subject to change without notice.

30 Minute Deluxe Facial Cocktail $65.00
45 Minute Instant Beauty w/ Collagen Fiber Mask $70.00
European Facial $80.00
Problem Skin $90.00
Acne-Deep Cleansing $100.00
..with Ampoule +10.00
..with Enzyme Peel +45-60.00
..with Vitamin C Mask +55.00
Hydration Optimale 165.00
Collagen Fiber Mask $120.00
Modeling-Color Therapy Mask $120.00
Aromatherapy Emotion $110.00
Bio-Marine Lifting Treatment $120.00
Vitamin C Skin Boosting Treatment $165.00
Caviar Skin Boosting Treatment $165.00
Face Manager Lightening Treatment $175.00
Décolleté Treatment $120.00
..with other treatments $80.00
Back Facial $140.00
Inhalation Bar $1.00/ minute
Oxygen Mask with a Facial $40.00
Vitamins with Oxygen Air Brush Delivery $65.00
Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliating Treatment $55.00
.... with Facial $50.00
Skin Rejuvenation Program $85.00-120.00
Mid Depth Acne Peel $185.00-240.00
Intense 7 Day Skin Restoration $325.00
Chemical Peel $350.00- 485.00
De'colletage Peel - Vitamin C  + Peptides $145.00

AHA Kojic Skin Lighten Peel - Inhibits Melanin Production

(Tyrosinase Activity)

Collagen Eye Treatment $45.00
Toning Peel Off $55.00
Anti-Puffy $45.00
Anti-Wrinkles $45.00
..with any Facial Treatment $40.00 - 50.00
Collagen Neck Treatments $65.00
Moisturizing Paraffin $40.00
..with Facial $35.00
Rejuvenating Therapy w/AHA $55.00
..with Facial $50.00
Face $85.00
Neck $85.00
..with Facial Treatment $80.00
Lower Leg $45.00
Upper Leg $60.00
Full Leg $75.00
Bikini/Brazilian $35.00-65.00/75.00
Neck $20.00
Underarms $35.00
Arms $45.00
Stomach $25.00
..with Bikini $15.00
Back $65.00-85.00
Lip $12.00
Chin $18.00
Cheek $18.00
Nose $18.00
Brows $18.00-25.00
Brow Tweezing $22.00
All Facial Services Are Offered  
Brows, Nose and Ears $55.00
Back $65 - $85
Chest $65.00
Sugar Scrub $110.00
Salt Scrub $110.00
         With any facial or massage treatment $95.00
Application $45.00
Consultation & Lesson $65.00
Bridal Make-Up $70.00
On Location (10 Mile Radius) $85.00
Facial Treatment  
Single Treatment $150.00
..Package of Six $700.00
Hand Treatment  
Single Treatment $120.00
..Package of Six $550.00
Décolleté Treatment  
Single Treatment $150.00
..Package of Six $700.00
Back Treatment  
SingleTreatment $200.00
..Package of Six $900.00
Thigh Treatment  
Single Treatment $200.00
..Package of Six $900.00
Microdermabrasion with Facial Treatment $200.00
Facial Treatment $100.00
..Package of Six $500.00
..with other treatment $85.00
Eye Treatment $40.00
..Package of Six $200.00
..with other Treatment $35.00
Facial Treatment  
Single Treatment $90.00
..Package of Six $425.00
..with other Treatment $80.00
Eye Treatment  
Single Treatment $45.00
..Package of Six $175.00
..with other Treatment $40.00