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Health & Wellness Massage Therapies

Health & Wellness Massage Therapies

Relax and unwind with a massage.

Esthetiques offers the health benefits and relaxation of massage.  Each massage is a personal preference and is focused in areas needed to recover and proven to relieve toxins, reach everything from back pain to migraines and yes PMS. Feel free to indulge in a soothing shower after your treatment. 

Come and relax with our couples massage...a good way to do something together with that special someone in your life.

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You can choose from the following types:

Aromatherapy with massage treatment +$20.00


Swedish Massage

Full Body Massage treatment to soothe tired muscles, release tension, stimulate circulation and improve muscle tone.  Long strokes, kneading and friction are applied to the muscles, combined with active and passive movements of the joints.

60 min $105.00
90 min $125.00
120 min $175.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Great for stress reduction and to release muscle tension.  Slow, longer strokes with deep finger pressure on tight areas of the body reaches deeper layers of muscle tissue.  For those who don't mind a strong touch!

60 min $115.00
90 min $140.00
120 min $190.00

Pregnancy Massage

This full body massage is especially created for Mothers To Be.  It gives relief by creating a renewed sense of well being.  It focuses on releasing upper body stress and lower back pain, water reduction and enhancing blood circulation.

 60 min   $105.00

Couples Swedish Massage

A couple's massage can set the tone for an amazing day spa experience. Whether both partners enjoy the same type of massage or each prefers their own favorite, enjoy some bonding time with a companion, a sister or a friend while indulging in side by side services. Don't forget a romantic couple's massage makes a wonderful gift and we offer gift certificates!

Swedish Massage - 60 min $215.00
Swedish Massage - 90 min


Couples Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage - 60 min $225.00
Deep Tissue Massage - 90 min


CBD Massage

60 min $138.00
90 min


120 min $218.00

Focus Massage

Customized modalities include Swedish, Prenatal, Myofacial Release. Increases circulation and facilitates detoxification.

30 min $70.00


Aroma-therapy is the use of essential oils extracted from plants and herbs to treat different ailments and conditions.  Smells and fragrances can affect mood and emotions and trigger production of hormones in the body.  Additionally, production of the neuro-chemicals, like serotonin, which calms or endorphin, which gives a natural "high".  They can uplift the spirit, clear the mind and totally relax the body.  After careful and detailed consultation with the client, we create a custom formula of an essential oil blend.  Next the synergy is applied with luxurious slow movements and deeper petrosage movements for problem areas.

During the massage, the very small molecules of essential oils are absorbed through the skin.  They then dissolve in the natural body fats and fluids.  This allows them to flow around the body in the lymphatic systems, to relax or stimulate, detoxify and regenerate.

Holistic Aromatherapy massage can:
1. Disperse toxic build-up in muscles, reducing chronic tension.
2. Stimulate the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to skin, muscles and essential organs.

Can be added for any of these sessions. $20.00

Gift Certificates Are Available!

Give your special someone the gift of relaxation.. a gift certificate to Esthetiques!

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