Skin Care Boutique

Our charming skin care boutique is adjacent to our skin care clinique.

In 1998 we’ve expanded our retail from the skin care lines to a full-blown retail store and it’s fun! Located in The Washington Building in the heart of Saratoga Springs. We always bring new and innovative ‘toys’ to play with. Every trip we take brings a new line into the store. The newest addition being hand made candles, soaps and coconut oils from the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. We just couldn’t restrain ourselves from the intoxicating aromas of plumeria, pikaki guava and gardenia.

The first reaction of customers walking into our store is “Wow! It smells great in here!” The second: “Wow! Look at the fish!” – as we have two Parrot Cichlids or “kissing fish”.

The store contains an eclectic collaboration of merchandise to address your senses with World music, hand-picked organic teas, a large variety of naturally scented candles, Kama Sutra for lovers, pure incenses, fragrances and on and on and on……To heal the body with lotions, scrubs and potions, take the wrinkles away, add luster to your skin, get rid of the brown spots and those stubborn pimples, provide you with cozy robes & micro-fiber towels, sponges, brushes soaps, toe rings, inhalation beads & more, to treat yourself with hand made European designer jewelry, and to inspire you with an idea for unusual and original gifts that will be beautifully wrapped. We can go on endlessly. Now you can see what we mean by FUN!

We take pride in the quality and selection of our products. We are environmentally aware and try to support the companies with same values. There are no products that we carry that were tested on the animals! We stock soy candles with pure cotton wicks. We proudly display the Inara line, which is 100% organic, based on Babassu Oil from the Amazon Region, gathered by a womans co-op, with the percentage of the proceeds going directly back to that community, providing for education and medical treatments.

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